Techem Smart System – Your platform for innovative added-value services

With Techem services expect reliable, transparent, and precise billing. 

Occupants and business partners tend to be concerned about bills accuracy, fairness, and to whom they should refer to in case if they have a dispute or even a simple inquiry.

Techem believes that metering, reading, and billing are interlinked cycle. Accurate billing is a final step of a long process. Therefore; we take care of every single step along the way until the bills are dispatched to occupants or business partners.

Reads are verified before the figures get transmitted to bills and the bills also get checked before it reaches to the hands of our valued partners or occupants. Beside that we don't stop our service at the time of sending the bills but we make sure to provide a dedicated customer service that our occupants and business partners deserve.

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BTU Meters

Our smart equipment provides the basis for permanent monitoring of meters and further devices. For our state of the art ultrasonic radio frequency meters for instance it provides the highest measurement accuracy and stability of flow rate using ultrasonic principle. The smallest flow rates are accurately detected.

There is no moving part related to the meter so there is no mechanical ware and it also display statistics of the recorded reads. 

Our modern metering technology makes life easier.

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Techem Monitoring

Energy consumption monitoring is vital.  Every business owner needs to budget for the operational costs to be prepared in advance or at least to put and close to actual figure in mind. Monthly, bimonthly, and daily readings are also part of the real estate industry requirements and this is what our modern technology offers. With Techem Smart Monitory we use the latest method to monitor the energy and water consumption – and within a current billing period.

If you need to put a consumption control mechanism or simply to administrate the consumption pattern in your project - you are welcomed to find more about Techem monitoring added values  

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