Techem Monitoring

With Techem Smart Monitoring we use the most intelligent method to monitor  energy and water consumption – and within a current billing period.

The wireless radio frequency meters collect information from the residential units via the radio channel with the transmission of information in encrypted form to the IP address of the customer.Intelligent system allows getting reads remotely from meters equipped with built-in or external radio devices.  This is in return provide an effective control mechanism a for significant cash savings at the operation stage of commissioned meters. 


Here are some substantial characteristics of Techem Monitoring:

  • All data are read remotely. There is no need to disturb the comfort of residents to collect the reads
  • Energy consumption is carefully monitored and consumption reduction is guaranteed.  Average consumption drops significantly after operating our smart system and this can be demonstrated in figures after few months from running the system in comparison to the same consumption values of the previous year
  • With our intelligent common areas consumption such as lobbies can also be under control