Techem's radio provides the best method for consumption-based reading and accurate billing of cooling, water and other energy sources.

Energy consumption and cost is demonstrated clearly at a glance at out Techem bill.  The bill structure shows in details how much energy been consumed in the previous billing period.

Each year, we measure and allocate energy costs to more than 20 countries including the United Arab Emirates and we our high quality bill is a fact.

Our bills are issued locally to make sure that every detail in the bill is accurate. This is not to mention that our customer service team are dedicate to each building individually to manage and coordinate the occupancy change status such as move in-out, final bills requests, consumption inquiries, and others like  method of making payment.

Further; the "pay for use" model is consumption-based method so regardless if the billing methodology use cost allocation or tariff, both occupants and business owners are always satisfied with Techem.

High quality service,  time saving, and fairness through transparency.  

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Remote radio-based devices means:
quick and transparent billing and no need to access residential units to get reads. Manual reading collection is a method of the past. Thanks for Techem innovation.   

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