Techem, it’s the energy service provider.

Techem provides a wide spectrum of services and equipment for the consumption-based metering and billing for cooling energy, giving you added-value which pays off and helping to reduce the service charges. We take care for fast recording, remote reading and billing for energy and water consumption that allows business to reduce operational costs and efforts.

Consumption-based cost allocation and billing consists of the following services:

  • Installation and asset management of equipment
  • Precise metering of consumption data
  • Remote meter reading-transfer of information to a centralized data collector
  • Checking and analyzing consumption records
  • Preparation and sending of bills to either directly to occupants or to a property concerned manager.


Our services stand for highest quality and reliability. We support you with the data collection and billing of energy and water costs.

At Techem- we are committed to quality.

Innovative, high quality equipment that guarantees reliable and precise recording

With our radio-based devices: reliable installation, accurate reading measurement, quick and transparent billing.




Wide spectrum of solutions for radio technology devices with added -value services