M-bus System

This system is a European standard measuring system. It is used as a heat meter and also unable for all other types of consumption meters as well as various sensors and actuators.

The readings can take place in various ways starting from the classical method (Manual reading) up to the remotely controlled collection of all of the meter values in a building. The latter is a continuation for the technical innovation.

Herewith some more specifications for M-bus sustainable interface:

  • The reads are taken electronically. 
  • With a single cable connected in a building all consumption meters of the individual residential units can be addressed and collected
  • Continuous flow of data is controlled and evaluated centrally- as a result, data actuality leads to more effective and efficient energy management. 


Additionally; all meters are connected to a central control device by one single loop (Max. 250 meters per loop). Devices from a wide range of manufacturers can be connected by one M bus system, meaning the customer is not bound to any one meter manufacturer

Techem M-bus

  1. Monitoring the cold and warm water consumption with Techem M-bus meter
  2. Accurate consumption values and fair billing services with Techem's high quality cold-meters
  3. M-bus Master
  4. Reading with a notebook or via our modem