Techem asset management

With Techem advisory we offer assistance in setting up BTU metering system correctly, system rectification, energy consumption management, and long term system maintenance. Our extensive know-how and rich experience in the filed allows us to be a reliable source for our partners. Regardless to what matter you have a query about like installation, finance, consumption control, system rectification, and calibration terms and beyond Techem shall be the right contact point for all. 

Techem support their partners in putting the right consumption control mechanism and able to demonstrate consumption reduction of operated meters upon request.  When it comes to maintenance, and depending to what scheme is selected, Techem replaces malfunctioned meters immediately free of cost.

Nonetheless and depending on a property management priority list, assets management involves capital tie ups which are could be a burden or an obstacle. Techem tackled this aspect wisely through the lease business model. This service allows business partners to focus more on their business developments without putting high capital investment amount right from the start rather than staging the same amount for up to 10 years.

 During the lease term Techem take care 100 percent of all the aspect of the metering system. Techem make sure that your asset will be properly taken care off and with added- value services.  

  As a summary our asset management gives the following advantages:

  • Technically high-grade sustainable measuring devices.  
  • Wide variety of devices for each requirement
  • High quality installation and  while adhering to community rules and in advance arranged work time schedule
  • Various maintenance schemes for nearly all brands of cold, water, and heat meters that includes meters replacement free of cost.
  • Lease model: rent equipment with comprehensive services without a hefty initial capital injection
  • Consultation and advisory for all related business matters
  • Reducing consumption is guaranteed and in return increasing the life time of equipment.