Energy field is quite dynamic and consistently changing to cope with the new technology trends, customer various needs and market demands. This is also our understanding so we reflected the same meaning in our motto.

Get closer. Think further.

Our promise is our goal: it’s to lower energy consumption resources in buildings and work to achieve our partners’ objective.  Techem believes in long-term partnership and we consider our customers as our partners.  Therefore; whether the customer is from homeowners' association (HOA), asset management, property development, facility management, or investment industry Techem serves those segments.  We emphasize on understanding the customer business model, project status, and expectations prior to setting the work methodology.

Up to 60% of energy wastage depends on human behavior pattern and with our state of the art radio frequency measurement equipment, business people as well as occupants shall be rest assured that these costs are controlled effectively and usage is allocated fairly as per actual consumption.

This is our business our promise to our valued partners.